30A/12/24V MPPT Charge Controller



MPPT Solar Charge Controller 30A 12V24V Automatic Transfer Switch LCD Solar Panel Regulator


  • It has an efficient MPPT algorithm, MPPT efficiency is > 99.5%.
  • Charge mode: three stages(constant current, constant voltage and floating charge)
  • Automatic battery recognition.
  • It has current limiting charging function, when the power from PV is too large the controller automatically keeps the charging power within it’s rated value.
  • Four types of load selection: ON/OFF, PV voltage control, Dual Time Control and PV + Time control.
  • Three kinds of commonly used lead acid battery (Sealed, Gel, Flooded) parameter settings can be selected by the user. User can also customize the parameters for other battery charging.
  • High definition LCD function to check device running data and working status.



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