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Who We Are

Newsong Global Technology Services Nigeria Limited (RC. 604762) is a registered and incorporated company in Nigeria. Our company is incorporated with a mandate to  basically offer and accept businesses in the fields of Information and Communication Technology, Construction, Engineering, Project Management, Human Capital Development and Re-Engineering Process, Renewable Energy and Technology and Consultancy.

Why choose us

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We provide Quality solution and excellent ancillary services based on loyalty and integrity to all our clientele.

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We are committed to helping our clientele survive and excel in a changing world. To help our clientele make their businesses better by providing them with the latest technology and best services for effective and efficient productivity and enhance their profit.

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Customer Support

With the efficiency of our support team we provide 24hrs/7 support to our clients without any downtime

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Best Tech Products

Our products are tested and certified by top tech organizations and clients nationwide 

A Few Words About

Our Team

Newsong Global Technology is to build long-term relationships with our clientele. While working with them, we aim at maximizing the potential of our business, through a combination of enhanced quality of service, creative marketing, innovative pricing and cost efficiency. At the same time, we will pursue profitable growth, by taking our clientele to new stages of products and services, such as Laboratory and Office equipments, Power Inverter, UPS, Computer, Photocopy, Solar Energy System, Electronic Security System, IT (Information Technology), Broadband, mobility and consultancy.

Worldwide Shipping

We deliver our product purchase by our customers to their door step as demanded.

Best Quality

It is our mandate to make sure that our entire product is of high quality, tested and trusted.

Best Offers

We offer best price and promo on every of our product at some point in time.

Secure Payments

Our Company provides a trusted payment with maximum security, make payment with ease.

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