1.7Kva Afriipower Inverter



Afriipower Solar Inverters were built to withstand the voltage fluctuation perculiar to African power supplies. It was designed by the best Engineers with several years of experience in the solar industry. Presently, the inverter has the widest gaps for surge voltage absorptions. It has the best features viz:

  • Capacity: 1700VA (1.7kVA) / 1190W
  • Pure Sine Wave output
  • LCD Display: See Startup Info, Status Display & Fault / Protection Reports
  • DC input voltage: 24V (2 Batteries)
  • Required Battery 12V / 100Ah to 220Ah: 2
  • Low Battery Warning: 22V±0.4V
  • Low Battery Cut: 21.6V±0.4V
  • Tower Form Factor (Elegant Stand-up Design)
  • LCD Display: Yes
  • Audible beep for Overload, Short Circuit, Backfeed, Low Battery, Over Tempature, Mains Fuse belown / MCB Trip
  • Multiple Built-in Protection: Overload in backup mode; Short Circut in Backup Mode; Short Circut in Mains Mode; Over tempature; Reverse Battery


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