1.6Kva/24V Mercury Inverter



This Mercury Inverter ensures home/office users the always-on power supply with the exceptional power performance comes at a comfortable pricing. Featuring the high-efficiency conversion design, the Power Inverter supplies long-lasting and reliable power to various appliances and provides longer backup for equipment. The defensive mechanisms of fast changeover guarantees uninterrupted power supply and overload protection ensures the efficiency of appliances as protection against overload and load shedding is secured.


1.6kva 24volts Power.
High-efficiency DC-to-AC Conversion.
Compact, Sleek
Fast changeover
LED Status Indicators
Overload Protection
Built-in Intelligent Charger
Auto-Restart / Auto-Charge




  • For fast & smooth charging
  • Auto sense intelligent charging (ASIC) adjustment
  • Highly robust & reliable Ideal for computers
  • User-selectable charging current
  • Generator compatible
  • Wide charging voltage range
  • Negligible battery water loss
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Overload Warning
  • Over Temperature protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Backup  indicator


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