This product is a 3 in 1 item with the following unique features:

  1. It is wall mounted
  2. Lithium Ion battery type – Li-ion batteries are known for their ruggedness and durability.
  3. Dual-way charging (With 20 watts Solar Panel) – This unique fan can be charged in 2 ways viz
  • With Alternating current (NEPA/GEN power)
  • Solar Charging – The product comes with a 20 watts solar panel to provide an alternative means of charging, making the fan suitable for use in areas with epileptic power supply or No power supply at all. This fan can be used in rural areas without any hassle
  1. Low Power Consumption – Our unique fan consumes very little power as it is rated at 15 watts. This ensures you have a longer fanning time and when charging or using with NEPA, light, you worry less about your monthly PREPAID bills
  1. 3 variable speeds – Our product comes with 3 different speeds with the lowest speed lasting for up to 7 hours, at full charge


Button 3 : Approx 7 hours

Button 2 : Approx  6 hours

Button 1 : Approx 4 hours

(Note = The above is estimated based on a full charge)



Power Rating: 15 watts / 12V

Lithium ion battery: 15AH 18650mAh x 1

Rotation speed: 1000 (max)

Fan speed: 3 settings

Duration: 4 hours to 8 hours

Light: 2 settings – low and bright


Solar panel:  20 watts 12V x 1

Vmp 18V

Voc 21.6V

N.B — Ensure full charge before first use. The battery is full when the charging light turns to green


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