The multimeter is a kind of multi-function measuring instrument.The multimeter is a kind of multi-function measuring instrument.Multimeter is also called multiplex meter, multi-purpose meter, three-purpose meter, and complex meter, etc. It is an indispensable measuring instrument in power electronics and other departments. Generally, it mainly aims at measuring voltage, current and resistance.Multimeter can be divided into pointer multimeter and digital multimeter according to display mode.General multimeter can measure dc current, DC voltage, AC current, AC voltage, resistance and audio frequency electric, some can also measure AC current, capacitance, inductance and some parameters of semiconductor.This multimeter is made of a special material with excellent hardness to provide durability and durability.Comfortable grip design, easy to carry, with a special mesh pocket, can be placed in other accessories, smooth but sturdy double zipper easy to open and close, for you to provide a better experience.Fashion durable, prevent accidental collision, drop caused by any damage or scratches, so that the equipment during travel or outdoor activities in good condition.Current detection and voltage, suitable for all electronic equipment control electronic components, power lines, etc.Reliable and easy to use, ideal for handmade and professional, e-commerce.Can meet your needs, reliable and unlimited, solid and good facial contour, quality and original guarantee long-term satisfaction.Please read the instructions and warnings before use!


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