With this camera, you will be able to: See everything Happening using the latest security Camera in the world

You Only Need A Few Hours Of Sunlight Everyday To Keep Your Camera Charged 24hrs of the day.

Record everything as its happening from anywhere you are using your mobile phone

Live View On-Demand Video And Audio Installs In Minutes With A Complimentary Toolkit IOS, Android, Mac And Windows 10 Compatible.


Recording Modes (Micro SD Card).

Night Vision.

Pan, Tilt & Zoom.

Push Notification (Movement & Human).

Human Detection Intelligence.

Digital Zoom.

Built in Siren: Yes (Siren, Dog Barking, Custom Recording).

Two-way Audio.

Motion Trigger.

1080 Resolution.

Live Streaming to View Camera.

Free APP (CamHi).


Easy To Program.

Easy To Use.



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